We have made every effort to ensure this food tour follows all recommended and mandated COVID-19 safety requirements including:

  • No shared transportation (you drive yourself);
  • Contact-less food delivery to your car (food will be placed on your hood);
  • No shared indoor spaces unless you choose to enter the premise (bathroom breaks or to buy merchandise).
  • Social distancing rules in full effect at ALL TIMES.
  • All participants will be required to wear masks when entering any building. MASKS WILL NOT BE PROVIDED, you must bring your own.
  • Guides will be required to sanitize hands every 30 minutes or before any direct contact.


If you have any food allergies, be sure to let us know when you book. We will do our best to accommodate your needs however we are limited by what our participating restaurants can provide.


We do not drive any commercial vehicles on this tour and all transportation must be provided by each individual participant or group. PLEASE COME WITH A FULL TANK OF GAS.

We do provide all of the details you need to navigate from stop to stop. Our guides will obey all traffic laws and keep a pace that is comfortable for all participants. If you want to drive a different way or speed to the next location, have at it just be safe. We will see you there!

TERMS & CONDITIONS (Required to participate)


On behalf of myself and each person for whom I am buying a tour ticket (“Us” or “We,”), we agree that these terms and limitations of liability are a binding agreement with RVA BBQ Tours, LLC (“RVA BBQ”). I have authority to bind each of these people, and I understand that RVA BBQ will email a copy of or a link to these terms to each ticketed person under this reservation. I certify that I and all of my other BBQ Tourists are healthy and capable of safe participation, and that we will not participate if that is not the case on the day or our tour.

I understand that RVA BBQ will not provide transportation as part of the tour. On behalf of myself or other driver(s) of vehicles that include myself and the other BBQ Tourists, we agree to follow directions from the starting point to each tour stop, in order, and to display the vehicle flag or signage received from RVA BBQ at the start of the tour and at each stop. We agree to obey all traffic laws, signs, regulations, and parking guidelines. We understand and agree that RVA BBQ has no liability for any traffic accidents, wrecks, or injury to person or property. We represent and warrant that all vehicles used by us to participate in the tour will be driven by licensed, sober, capable drivers, and will be insured against claims for collisions and third-party liability.

RVA BBQ is a tour company, and does not prepare or provide any food or drinks. We therefore agree that we will promptly communicate any problems, dissatisfaction, potentially related illness or other matters to our tour guide or by email to We also agree that RVA BBQ will not be responsible for any such claims or problems, but will instead assess any related requests for refunds on a case-by-case basis.

We release RVA BBQ and any associated persons or employees from any claims for injuries, personal losses, or damage or loss of personal property. We agree to indemnify and save harmless RVA BBQ from any claims or demands arising out of such injuries or losses.

We authorize the publication of any photography or video, including the likeness or image of any of us, for the use of promoting or advertising RVA BBQ, unless any of us notify RVA BBQ to the contrary on or before the date of our tour, via email with the subject “Images Opt Out” to

We affirm by clicking to Accept that I have read and understand all matters in these terms. Intending to be bound, I agree to these terms for myself and other ticket holders under this reservation, and for the heirs and successors of each of us.